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Before you can make meaningful financial moves involving your property, it's smart to talk to a licensed appraiser. Sparrow Appraisals will tell you the true value of your home or land, so you'll be able to proceed with your transaction with confidence. We're familiar with the market trends in the Bastrop, Caldwell, Colorado, Fayette, Lee, Travis & Williamson, TX areas, so you can expect accurate and honest professional appraisal services from us. We provide land appraisal service & home appraisal service!

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take a look at your property

While some appraisers might just generate your home value based on online information, our licensed appraiser will come to your property to get a more accurate impression. You can count on us to identify unique characteristics and other factors that might influence your home value.

Our turnaround times depend on the size of your property, but we'll work as efficiently as possible to deliver your report. Reach out to us today to discuss your land value appraisal needs with our land and home value appraiser.